Solar Water Heating Solutions:
Commercial Systems

Schuco_Nurse California Solar Thermal offers only the highest quality and most efficient commercial solar water heating systems. Common commercial applications for solar water heating include lodging, health care, food service, schools, and linen service establishments. A solar water heating system will immediately decrease operating expenses and increase bottom line profits. Our high performance commercial systems can offset up to 80% of the annual water heating costs, and between 40-80% of the total upfront costs can be reduced with available incentives.

Each of our commercial system components designed to meet SRCC requirements, and our collectors are OG-100 certified. Commercial system can be integrated with and utilize the building’s existing water heating system. With proper maintenance our commercial systems will last over 30 years, paying for themselves many times over.

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  • Fully utilizing solar water heating in California’s commercial and residential buildings could save over one billion therms of natural gas, roughly 5% of all statewide consumption today

  • The effects of a 5% reduction in natural gas demand could lead to a 37% reduction in wholesale price in the Southern California market

  • Solar water heating systems can reduce our state’s dependence on natural gas from outside the state

-Environment California Research & Policy Center



California Solar Initiative – Thermal
$350M in rebates available for qualifying solar water heating installations. Maximum $500,000 for commercial systems, amount is based on rated system performance

Renewable Energy Tax Credit
30% IRS investment tax credit or grant available to qualifying solar water heating system owners

Local Incentives
Property-assessed financing, permit fee waivers, and plan check expediting

“In uncertain times, green building continues to show itself as a versatile solution to many of our challenges, both financial and environmental. As the landscape in which businesses must operate rapidly evolves, green building and the LEED rating systems continue to offer an environmentally responsible means of building and operating high-end, healthy, and efficient buildings, guarding against erratic energy prices and the impacts of environmental legislation and regulation.” – US Green Building Council