Get Off the Black and Go Green

Oil has passed its peak oil production worldwide and with the US dollar being inflated to high levels by the FED and Bernanke, the time is now to seek alternative options for traditional electricity. That is where California Solar Thermal comes into play. California Solar Thermal provides solar Orange County power using state of the art methods and technology to get you heating and cooling via solar power to your home or business. We service all types of homes and buildings, from single-family homes to apartment building and new developments. We can outfit your existing home or building and also install brand new solar in Orange County on new development projects.

So why get your water via solar in Orange County? First off, it will get you off of the dependence of oil, gas, and coal. None of these limited resources are good for the environment in any shape or form. The extraction of these forms of energy costs our planet much too much and even more so when we burn these fuels. Would it not be great to use an alternative energy source that is unlimited and in abundance? Could you imagine if you would feel absolutely no guilt whenever you used your appliances and heated or cool your home, pool, or hot water? Well, with the help of California Solar Thermal and our solar in Orange County, you no longer have to imagine this lovely scenario. With the help of California Solar thermal, you can get anything from your pool heated via Solar in Orange County or go completely off the grid and get your entire property going on solar thermal power.

To get your home off the black and into the green, all you have to do is call us at California solar Thermal. We will go to your home or business and assess your property for free. Once we get all the facts, we will give you an approximate cost for the project. Although solar in Orange County may be expensive at first, you cannot argue with the benefits and freedom that we can provide. Once our system is installed, we will remotely check your system so that it remains working properly. The usual payback period for the average system is about three to four years.