Solar Water in Los Angeles

The sun can provide unlimited amounts of energy when you switch over to a solar water heating system. When you allow California Solar Thermal to come in and change you dependency off of electricity to heat your water, you will not only help save mother earth, but you will also lower your heating costs considerably.

California Solar Thermal makes it very east for you to transition to solar water in Los Angeles. First off, we will provide you with a free estimate and will thoroughly analyze your home to see what is the best way to install your solar water in Los Angeles. Once we inspect your home, we will give you the options of various systems that you can choose from. We have systems that allow you to heat a small portion of your home, or if you would like to get off the grid completely and not depend on a utility company, we can completely revamp your system. Our solar water Los Angeles heating systems also covers pools and spas, which eliminates a major portion of your water heating bills, as they use up much energy to heat. Once we install your system, we will remotely keep an eye on your system. We will monitor your system for the life of your new solar water in Los Angeles heating system. If there is anything wrong, we will promptly notify you and the original installer to get your system up and running as it should as soon as possible with minimal service interruption.

The upside to getting off of natural gas to heat your home is endless. We estimate that your new solar water in Los Angeles heating system will pay for itself within four short years. In four short years, you will greatly reduce your heating system to completely eliminate your bills. With heating costs going higher and higher every year, the time is now to change over to solar water in Los Angeles. But that is not all. When you install your new solar powered heating system, you will be eligible for many incentives on the local, state, and federal level. These range from installation incentives to a tax break from the IRS. What more can you ask for? Call California Solar Thermal today to receive a quote and to get your move to a solar heating system started today.